CENTRAL HOBBIES: A pilgrimage.

It’s been awhile and I’ve been quite busy with non-train related things, mostly work.

This week I was sent across the country to White Rock, BC for some work-related business.

To my surprise and excitement (and the disdain of my colleagues who enjoy uninterrupted sleep), the hotel I was put up in was right across from the BNSF line, just a couple KMs from the Douglas / Peace Arch Border Crossing.

Between conferences, I managed to find some downtime to make the pilgrimage into Vancouver to visit Central Hobbies, which is slated to close in June 2023.

Where I live, there isn’t a model train focused hobby shop, so you can imagine dropping me into the midst of a store the size of Central Hobbies would be much like shooting me into space.

The N-Scale test track that lives in the front window of Central Hobbies.

I spent over two hours browsing the store, spoke to the store owner Hal and a few other employees about their time with the store; I even had to step outside one time to collect myself- the selection was just THAT wild! I felt like a kid again.

As hard as I tried to resist the urge to drag some boxcars across the country with me, I left with two CN Cylindrical Hoppers, a BCR Boxcar and a Point St Charles Caboose undecorated kit.

While it’s a shame that Central Hobbies is closing its doors, this was an experience I’ll never forget, and I’m glad I made the time to see it before it’s gone.

From 40,000ft,


3 thoughts on “CENTRAL HOBBIES: A pilgrimage.

  1. I hate it when work gets in the way of things you like to do. But in this case, work made it possible for you to visit Central Hobbies so it is not all bad. I have ordered items from there but have never been in the store.


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